Q: Why did the Automatic Wash not clean my car? A: Bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings can be very tough to remove. This can be remedied by pre-treating the surface in the self serve bay by applying Presoak before the Automatic washes the vehicle.*Do NOT leave Presoak on surface for an extended period.
Q: What is the best way to clean the vehicle myself? A: In the Self Serve Bays, use the options on the dial going clockwise.
Car wash DON'TS!

It is considered very impolite to leave gratuitous amounts of mud, oil, grease in the bays. True, you are spending your hard earned money to wash but you would be keeping anyone else from using that bay which is an inconvenience for customers as well as the business owner. If the bays don't pay for themselves, you will not have a place to clean your vehicle.   Trash cans are there for trash found in most vehicles. Bulk construction materials, car parts, clothes (donate old clothes), and other heavy items are not to be left in the trash, in bays, or on the ground.


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  Please respect the equipment. Misuse/Abuse could result in damage to a vehicle's finish or equipment being unusable. Leave it as you would like to find it.